Dr Hani Mansour M. Al Mazeedi & Shaikha Aida Kader Ghanem (د. هاني منصور المزيدي)



About Dr Hani Mansour M. Al-Mazeedi

Hani Mansour M. Al-Mazeedi (born 1954) is a Kuwaiti scientist who specializes in Halal requirements, quality and Safety systems for food (HACCP/Pre-requiste programs such as GMP & GHP) and Halal services for the Halal Industry. He is the son of Mansour Mosa Al-Mazeedi, one of the founding members of the National Assembly of Kuwait.

Dr. Hani through Kuwait government (Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research) and GSO (Gulf Standard Organization) of the GCC Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf has organized the first gulf conference on the Halal Industry and its Services from 24–26 January 2011, and many have attended the conference as it was the first of its kind in the region of Arabia and other Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. This conference has received great success exceeded all expectations as witnesses by the attendances.

Broadcast on the halal  market (Zawaïa of the AlWatan TV)


About Shaikha Aida Kader Ghanem


  • Born in America – 1971 . Lives in  Jerusalem – Palestine.
  • Masters degree at Al-Quds university (specialization in Fiqh legislation and its fundamentals in Islamic religion ) . Excellent average in courses. Master thesis title : “Additives in food and beverages :an Islamic Shari’a perspective “.
  • 1998: Bachelor degree in Dawa And Fundamentals  of Islamic Religion – Excellent evaluation –  Al-Quds University.
  • 2003: Diploma in methods of teaching in general and Islamic methods of teaching in particular at the UNRWA Headquarters – Amman.
  • 2004: Certificate in holy Quran recitation with honors based on narration Hafs from Assem from Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf .
  • A founder member of the Halal team at al-Quds University in Palestine . Aspiring at have an influence on the Islamic legal, scientific and applied aspects, in relation to the idea of  Halal in terms of its complementary concept.
  • A Member of the National Team to find specifications of Halal upon a request from the Palestinian Specifications and Standards Institution. Among these specifications was to include Halal in cosmetics, which was virtually achieved. (She developed the idiosyncratic perception for these specifications).
  • Activist in clarifying the concept of Halal and defining it in various ways possible. She aims at getting the achieved results to be instilled with its complementary concept not only in our Islamic and Arabic society, but in the Western world where many Moslems live, and for Halal to be applied in their realities. She looks forward to attracting people’s attention to the concept of Halal in their lives and to continue her academic education to obtain the Doctoral degree in Islamic Jurisprudence and legislation, a topic complementary to her Master thesis.
  • Worked as a teacher of Islamic Religion for 12 years.
  • Contributed as an administrative   member to one of the charity institutions.
  • Contributed to the organisation of scientific sessions in the Aqsa Mosque and many mosques in Jerusalem



Dr Hani Mansour Al-Mazeedi

Associate research scientist
Biotechnology Department
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
P. O. Box 24885 Safat, 13109
State Of Kuwait
Email mazeedi@hotmail.com, Twitter @AzkaHalal
Mobile: +96597498500
Office. tel.: +96524989164
Office fax: +96524989069
Short page on wikipedia :  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/hani_Al-Mazeedi
My research insitute web site:  http://www.kisr.edu.kw

Shaikha Aida Kader Ghanem

Researcher in Islamic Fiqh legislation and its fundamentals – (Al-Quds university-Palestine)
Tel +97226263836, Mobile +972526554035

Follow her on twitter : @azkahalal


Workshops and Conferences Announcements

1 – The First Gulf Conference on the Halal Industry & its Services, 24-26 January 2011. Holiday Inn Hotel, Al-Salmiyah, State of Kuwait

Dr. Hani Al Mazeedi has organized the first gulf conference in 2011 in Kuwait dedicated in particulate to the halal Industry and its services.


2 -Halal Workshop, 27-28 March 2012, Kuwait: Towards the establishment of a fund to finance Halal R&D activities

Dr. Hani has also organized a Halal Workshop on March, 27-28, 2012, in Kuwait, with the title: Towards the establishment of a fund to finance Halal R&D activities.


3- The Second Gulf Conference on the Halal Industry & its Services, 22-24 January 2013. Crown Plaza – Farwaniyah, State of Kuwai

Consuming and utilizing Halal products and its services to society are religious obligations on all Muslims. As a true follower of Islam it is our duty to consume only the food, pharmaceutical, nutrients, and cosmetic products which are Halal and Tayyib. Bulk of the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are imported by Muslim markets from producers and manufacturers which have very little appreciation of the concept of Halal and Tayyib therefore it our collective responsibility to ensure due care is taken at every step to verify that products are fully Halal compliant. To fulfill these requirements, there is an urgent need to develop and co-ordinate manufacturing, quality assurance of Halal products and above all an authentic Halal certification. Halal product manufacturers need to maintain and guarantee the integrity of their Halal chains. A uniform Halal standard or certification across the globe could reassure Muslim communities and provide the food that would comply with the guidelines of Quran and Sunnah. Presently, products available in the market with Halal labels are not necessarily authentic or at least questionable which are marketed to entice Muslim consumers. Despite well explained Halal standards provided by the importing countries, many of the exporting countries or manufacturers and producers do not strictly follow the protocols. Halal regulatory bodies often do not consider the steps required for Halal production, for example animals are not slaughtered according to accepted Halal requirements therefore use of any material derived from these animals for secondary products. Based on all this information, it is very urgent for Muslim communities to make a set of guide lines for Halal industries and services.  As a follow up to the First Gulf Conference on Halal industry and its services that was held in Kuwait on 24-26th January, 2011 and the International Halal R&D Workshop held in Kuwait on 27-28th March 2012, this Second Gulf Conference on Halal industry and its services aims to establish a platform for International Accreditation of Halal Certification Bodies based in Kuwait. This initiative will not only provide business opportunities for investors and manufacturers but also restore confidence in Halal products available in the market in Muslim communities.

The Halal Conference was be preceded by a training course in collaboration with Malaysia entitled: Halal Lead Auditor. The training course was for three days, and its attendance was free of charge.



4- Third Gulf Conference on the Halal Industry and its Services and first workshop on Istihala, Sheraton Hotel, State of Kuwait, 13 – 15 May 2014

Dr. Hani is also organizing the third Gulf conference, 13 – 15 May 2014, in Kuwait, with the title: Developments in the Halal Industry.

A special show halal showcase will be organized in parallel (13-15 may 2014) and an intensive training course entitled Skills in Controlling Critical Points in the Halal Industry and its Services   will be held the 12 may.

Click here to consult the program, conference presentations and final recommandations of the Third Gulf Conference and the workshop on Istihala




Halal presentations of Dr Hani Mansour Al-Mpdfazeedi

  • Islamic supervision methodology of Halal Products “5F-Halal”, Bangkok, Thailand, Dec., 2015 (pdf)
  • State of Kuwait, March 2016, Ministry of Health, Toward Humane Slaughter and Safe Food: Ritual Guidace versus Secular Astray (in Arabic)(pdf)
  • India, November 2015, United World Halal Development, Toward Humane Slaughter and Safe Food: Ritual Guidance versus Secular Astray (pdf)
  • Denmark, October 2015, DanishHalal, Toward Humane Slaughter and Safe Food: Ritual Guidance versus Secular Astray (pdf)
  • Turkey, October 2015, GIMDES, Toward Humane Slaughter and Safe Food: Ritual Guidance versus Secular Astray (pdf)
  • Halal Food and diversity – Its current market situation at international level, The Halal, A Global Concept Congress – 24-26 march 2015 (pdf)
  • Pitfalls opportunities and challenges in conducting Halal R&D projects: Characterization of the Halal status of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthcare products, Thailand Halal Assembly Bangkok – Thailand 28-30 December, 2014 (pdf)
  • Global halal industry trend, Halal Midle East, 8-10 december 2014 (pdf)
  • Global Halal Industry Trend, Singapore Expo, Max ATRIA, November 1st., 2014 (pdf)
  • Halal Conference, Oct., 2014, Qaseem, SA (pdf)
  • Health Aspects Of Halal With A Focus On Ingredients, Keikyu Ex Inn, Tokyo, Japan, 4-5 august 2014 (pdf)
  • Halal-HACCP (Dr Hani M. Al-Mazeedi) (pdf)
  • Food between Health Hazards and Hazards of a Religious nature – Saudi Food Forum, December 8-11, 2013, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (pdf)
  • Halal culture (arabic version)- ثقافة الحلال – pdf – 2013
  • Aspects of stunning with slaughter under normal circumstances, Sarajevo  -Bosnia Hersek, June, 2013, European Council for Fatwa Research (paper and presentation)
  • Islamic supervision methodology of Halal Products: Halal Foods and Islamic Slaughtering, Moscow, Russia, June, 2013, Russia mufties Council (opening speech, paper, and presentation)
  • Halal slaughter opinions of Muslims around the world, Istanbul, Turkey, GIMDES, Sept., 2013 (paper and presentation)
  • Scientific and religious aspects of stunning before slaughter,  Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs – Kuwait, 26-29 March, 2013 (paper and presentation)
  • Globalization of Halal Standard (Chicago, USA, IFANCA, April, 2013)(pdf english version)
  • Elevating Halal with Innovation Technology (Malaysia, April, 2013)(pdf english version)
  • Why eating meat stunned under normal circumstances available in the market is haram (Paris France, march 2013) (pdf : english version , french version)
  • Last version of the  Halal culture presentation (pdf)
  • Halal culture, Brasil november 2012 (pdf) , media papers (islamonline.net, alwatan, alamatonline.net, islamlatina.com, almesryoon.com)
  • Ritual Guidance versus Secular Astray Holand Dec., 2012
  • Common Mistakes Practiced by Halal Certification Bodies, GIMDES 2012, Istanbul (pdf)
  • Basic Concepts in Halal Education (new version of halal culture, english) , Halal Culture (old english version) , Halal Culture (old arabic version) 2012
  • Toward Humane Slaughter and Safe Food France May 2012 (English), ( Arabic )

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