Halal Gulf workshop 2012

The 1st. Gulf Workshop on the Halal Industry and its Services

Kuwait, 27-28 March, 2012, Holiday Inn, Al-Salmiyah
Entitled: Towards the establishment of a fund to finance Halal R&D activities


It is a religious requirement that food should be Halal and Tayyib ( prepared according to Islamic teachings). To fulfil this requirement, there is an urgent need for R&D activities in the Halal area. Unfortunately, such activities have little or no funding whatsoever, despite the vastly expanding market for Halal products and services. Education relevant to Halal concept, needed for manufacturers, dealers, government inspectors and consumers, require concerted effort geared to set the stage for meeting this requirement. Hence, the upcoming Halal workshop, among other things, aims at establishing a funding plan for R&D activities and Halal related education that covers a multitude of products ranging from foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and skin care products.


Conduct an in-depth study on how to secure funding for Halal R&D activities and provide needed technical knowledge and education.


  1. Mobilize specialized human and technical resources for setting up a funding plan for Halal R&D activities, and related awareness campaigns.
  2. Review and assess attempts at establishing similar funds worldwide.
  3. Perform in-depth legal and religious studies to decide on an appropriate mechanism for funding Halal R&D activities.

Download the final program of the days (pdf)

Slides of the workshop

Day one, 27th march 2012

Day two, 28th march 2012

Final report and recommendations